Strivy Stroud

Our Beloved Spirit Animal



The versatility of the duck holds a special place for us at Stroud Group and recognizes it as our beloved spirit animal.  With its ability to effortlessly exist and navigate on land, water, and  air, the duck exemplifies unmatched adaptability to various environments, surroundings, and the ever-shifting tides of circumstance.  Similarly, at Stroud Group, we wholeheartedly embrace these same traits; adapting to just about every situation, but that is not all.

Meet Strivy Stroud, our spirit animal who reflects our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.  With our persistent hunger for knowledge and determined pursuit of efficiency, Strivy symbolizes our dedication to continual improvement.  At Stroud Group, we believe success is not merely a destination, but an ongoing journey of constant improvement. 

Our Beloved Spirit Animal

Strivy Stroud, this is the name of our spirit animal because we are always striving to be better.  We have a persistent hunger for learning and to be efficient.  Success is achieved in the journey to be better all the time. 

Let us unveil the secret behind our remarkable success: Strivy Stroud, our spirited duck and beloved spirit animal. Just like Strivy, our team exudes an air of poise and tranquility, making it seem as though hotel procurement is as effortless as a leisurely swim. But don’t be fooled! Beneath the surface, where no one can see, Stroud Group works tirelessly to ensure your hotel projects are flawlessly executed, with every detail meticulously addressed.

At Stroud Group, we take the desires of hotel owners and hotel groups and add a touch of quack-tastic magic to every project. Our team is skilled in the art of understanding your vision, working within budget constraints, and sourcing exactly what you need. But that’s just the beginning! Like our spirited duck companion, Strivy Stroud, we go above and beyond to surpass expectations, creating an experience that feels almost effortless. 


Passion and Commitment

Just as the duck glides beneath the water’s surface, we work diligently behind the scenes, ensuring every aspect of your hotel project procurement is seamlessly orchestrated. And here’s the best part: more often than not, we not only meet but exceed expectations while coming in under budget. It’s our secret recipe for success, and we’re proud to consistently deliver results that leave our clients astounded. 


With Stroud Group by your side, you can be confident in every step of your hotel project procurement journey. We create an oasis of calm amidst the chaos, making your experience as smooth and delightful as a serene glide on a tranquil pond. Our passion for perfection and our unwavering commitment to your success have forged an unparalleled work stride, setting us apart from the competition.


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