Online Real Time Monitoring

Project Updates A Click Away

Keeping up with the progress of your project is easy with our online Real-Time Monitoring.   Accessible online at our website, you get up-to-date progress notes and reporting so you’re never left wondering or guessing what’s happening with your project.  Just click, review, and download any report in an instant.

The success of a project develops with full transparency.  Throughout the entire process, all transactions are just a click away so you can feel confident in your hotel procurement project with Stroud Group.

Your Customized Reports

Reports such as client cash flow analysis, budgeted-purchased-invoiced, client check/deposit draw requests and other various reports are standard and are available as often as required. Also, with our full-time computer programming staff, custom made reports that may fit the owner’s specific needs can be provided. All reports are available to all members of the project team to facilitate and clarify any potential items of question. Communicating information to the ownership group regarding budgeted vs. actual dollars spent and overall scheduling is provided on a continuing basis allowing for input and review on the part of the owner.

Yes, you can reach us!