PO Management

Purchase Orders (PO’s) That Expedite Projects

As soon as you and your team are ready, we set our Purchase Order Management Plan in motion. To get purchase orders moving quickly, Stroud Group maintains an up-to-date, extensive data source of well-qualified vendors and suppliers for just about any product your hotel project needs.       

Through our 50+ years of hotel industry experience, we have never been a cookie-cutter procurement company.  No two projects are identical, which is why the procurement team at Stroud Group knows exactly where to find the right vendors for every hotel project. We have solutions for even the most elaborate design selections such as locating exotic lamps for a luxury island resort. Using our specialized purchase order (PO) management system, our team selects the right vendors that are best suited for your hotel project, ensuring you get the best products and services while also getting the best value for your money. 

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