The Stroud Group: Our FF&E and OS&E Services


Hotel Furnishings Procurement Process

With more than 50 years of experience, The Stroud Group has an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry. We know what makes a hotel property special, and we use that knowledge to provide you with the absolute best furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for your new hotel build or renovation.

With an endless database of FF&E and OS&E procurement resources, we will find what you need and get it when you need it – all within budget. The people at The Stroud Group have a thorough knowledge of the hospitality procurement business. Here’s what we do:


As savvy buyers, The Stroud Group focuses on FF&E and OS&E for hotel procurement projects, large or small. With our hands-on approach to managing your hotel’s new project or renovation, we partner with you from beginning to end, taking care of everything that comes along. Saving you time, money, and mediating risks, we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to including:

  • Budget development
  • Specification review
  • Bidding
  • Design fulfillment.

The Stroud Group takes a hands-on approach to managing your hotel’s procurement. Whether for new projects or renovations, our team will work with you from the beginning until the end and take care of everything that comes along.


Budget development

We understand the hospitality industry inside and out and know the PP&E and OS&E procurement process for a hotel renovation, update, or even a new concept build is complex. The first step is proper budget development.  As a smart hotel procurement company, Stroud Group partners with hotel owners and hospitality groups to develop solid and viable budgets for every lodging project.

We know you want your hotel to look great, and by working with The Stroud Group, it will. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing we look a lot deeper than the aesthetics. We examine the life of the products being considered, their durability, and any complications your hotel may incur after installation. When custom-made items are part of a project, we consider everything from start to finish to develop a sound budget. The level of detail we bring to our PP&E and OS&E work ensures that each hotel project is completed successfully and within budget.

Specification review

One of the most important aspects of a hotel development or renovation project is ensuring all details are accounted for during procurement. This includes everything from reviewing specifications to managing the flow of communication between the supplier and the project team. At Stroud Group, we take great care in ensuring no detail is missed.

There’s only one way for a hotel project or renovation to be a success — working with a hotel project management team that gives extra-close attention to every detail.  Before the first dollar is spent, Stroud Group is on top of even the tiniest of details. This includes everything from reviewing specifications to managing the flow of communication between the supplier and the project team. And we always keep you in the loop.

It takes a lot to get things right, and that is why you can count on Stroud Group for the accuracy and consistency you expect from a hotel procurement team. Our procurement team reviews every item ordered to ensure no detail is overlooked. We cross-reference everything, including space layout, ceiling height, and every inch of square footage, to guarantee what is ordered will be the right fit for your project.


Bidding for products and freight

The Stroud Group has a well-defined FF&E and OS&E bidding process that helps us procure hospitality products and arrange freight in a timely and efficient manner. Our bidding process is designed to ensure a streamlined hotel project or renovation every time.

With a long history of client success, the Stroud Group utilizes our custom Supplier Library database with thousands of resources to extend bid requests from the best vendors.  We review each PP&E and OS&E supplier’s payment terms, creditworthiness, company size, lead time, and history before submitting any hotel furnishing procurement order. Our detailed vetting process provides the resources required to make confident procurement decisions to meet the demands and expectations of your lodging project.

Design fulfillment

With every new hotel build, renovation, or update, you can rely on the award-winning design team at Stroud Group. From designing and layout to purchasing, reviewing building code requirements, and installations, Stroud Group has a proven process to fulfill and complete projects.

The Stroud Group has a long history of helping hotel owners renovate and create inspiring new hotel properties. We understand the need for a design that is both beautiful and functional, and Stroud Group has the exact resources to supply the PP&E and OS&E you need at the budget you expect.

Our project management team will work with you, your contractors, and your design team to bring your ideas to life, supplying new furniture, fixtures, and decor. With our 50+ years of experience in the hospitality industry, we understand what works and what doesn’t. Plus, we know what to do when the unexpected happens. So, no matter what surprises may come up during the hospitality procurement process, the Stroud Group team is always prepared with alternate solutions that will not compromise quality or design.


PP&E Accounting Your Way

Accounting is more than just a business function at The Stroud Group. We act on your behalf as if your hotel project is our personal project. We keep you informed and updated during the entire FF&E and OS&E procurement process for your hotel build or renovation project.

When it comes to the Accounting side of your FF&E and OS&E procurement project for your new hotel or property renovation, you get more than you bargained for. We take charge of purchase orders, payments, reporting, timelines, scheduling, meetings, and all customer support surrounding project orders.

We know what is at stake and how critical timelines, deadlines, and grand openings are for you, your budget, and your guests. We guarantee you will always:

  • Know what is going on
  • Understand decisions being made
  • Have access to reporting / documents 24/7.

Here’s what you can expect from Stroud Group accounting:

  • PO management
  • Payment disbursements
  • Cost monitoring
  • Third-party CPA audited.

FF&E and OS&E Purchase Order Management

As soon as you and your team are ready, we set our Purchase Order (PO) Management Plan in motion. To get purchase orders moving quickly, Stroud Group maintains an up-to-date, extensive database of well-qualified FF&E and OS&E vendors and suppliers for just about any product your hotel project needs.

Through our 50+ years of hotel industry experience, The Stroud Group has never been a cookie-cutter procurement company.  No two projects are identical, which is why the procurement team at Stroud Group knows precisely where to find the right vendors for every hotel project. We have solutions for virtually any FF&E and OS&E needs, such as locating exotic lamps for a luxury island resort. Using our specialized purchase order management system, our team selects the right vendors that are best suited for your hotel project, ensuring you get the ideal products and services while also getting top value for your money.

FF&E Vendor Payment Disbursements

Timely execution of vendor payment disbursements is critical in keeping your hotel renovation or new build moving and on time. The Stroud Group never delays payments to vendors because we know that any unnecessary payment delay can slow progress, halt production, or extend delivery dates. To keep things fast-paced, we monitor disbursements and vendor relations as part of our daily process.

FF&E Cost Monitoring

The Stroud Group simplifies cost monitoring.

Keeping up to date with budgetary issues is a critical component of a successful hotel development or rehabilitation project.  Stroud Group will track vendor payments and itemize purchase orders on behalf of your project.  You will always be informed of what is happening with your hotel project budget and can track all costs and budget spending through reporting that’s available 24/7.

Third-Party CPA Audited

CPA audit is a critical part of The Stroud Group’s financial checks and balances system. This third-party CPA audit provides an independent review of our financial statements and ensures we properly account for all hotel FF&E and OS&E procurement and spending. The CPA audit gives us and our clients the peace of mind of knowing that we are on track with financial spending and are always putting our client’s needs as a top priority.

FF&E Procurement Reporting

It’s no secret hotel development, and renovation projects have many moving parts. Stroud Group keeps you updated with accurate and consistent data and reporting so you have exactly what you need, any time of day.