Hands-On Approach | FF&E and OS&E

The Stroud Group has a hands-on approach to managing your hotel’s procurement. Whether for new projects or renovations, our team will work with you from the beginning until the end and take care of everything that comes along. 

As savvy hoteliers, we focus on FF&E and OS&E for projects large or small! Saving you time, money, and mediating risks, we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.   With Smart Hotel Procurement, you can lean on Stroud Group for all your procurement needs.


Budget Development

The purchasing and procurement process for a hotel can be quite complex, with many different stakeholders involved.  Stroud Group works with your team to create the right budget for every project.


Specification Review

One of the most important aspects of a hotel project is ensuring that all details are accounted for during procurement. This includes everything from reviewing specifications to managing the flow of communication between the supplier and the project team. At Stroud Group, we take great care in ensuring that no detail is missed.


Bidding (Products + Freight)

Stroud Group has a well-developed bidding process that helps us procure products and arrange freight in a timely and efficient manner. Our bidding system allows us to provide manufacturers with precise information so they can submit competitive bids. However, price is not always the only factor that is considered when accepting a bid. 


Design Fulfillment

 Every project (new hotel build or renovation/update), can rely on the award-winning design team at Stroud Group. From designing and layout to purchasing, reviewing building code requirements and installations, Stroud Group has a proven plan to meet your projects design fulfillment.


Completing Process

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