The Internet of Things is not only taking over people’s homes. It’s becoming a big part of hotel rooms, as well.

From access to streaming services to controlling lighting via smartphone, more and more parts of the hospitality guest experience are going digital.

Hotel guests today expect concierge services or temperature controls at the tap of a finger. On top of this, voice-activated controls are moving beyond asking Alexa to play a favorite movie or television show.

Some of these trends might seem a long way off, but in the near future, guests will demand them, avoiding hotels that don’t offer them. Many tech innovations require only minimal changes to guest rooms, which means a hotel company that implements them quickly could attract a significant amount of new business.

This guide explains some of the latest innovative technology that’s becoming part of the hotel experience and how to procure the furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) that guests will expect in the future.

Top Smart Lodging Trends

Bring your own streaming

Portable streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick make it possible for guests to bring along their own entertainment on trips. However, they can only access them on a large screen if the hotel television has an accessible USB port.  Another option: Hotels can offer a platform like Enseo, which allows guests to log in to their streaming accounts. They’re automatically logged out when they check out.

Wireless device charging

More and more devices today are wireless. People are set up for this at home but often forget to bring cables and plugs on trips. That’s why the best hotels enhance the guest experience by offering charging mats that transfer power to devices like smartphones or headphones.  Hotels can leverage a platform like Kadence to deliver wireless charging in guest rooms.

Smart controls

People love their at-home smart control systems like Nest. They enable control of things like light, temperature, and power from smartphones or other devices. It can seem like a letdown to visitors when this level of convenience is not available in a hotel.

Tablet controls

Guests no longer have patience for the old-school binder containing information about hotel services. Instead, they want to see restaurant hours, room service menus, spa services, and area recommendations on an in-room tablet. Guests can also use it to play music, control the room’s lights and temperature, and request help and services. Some popular hospitality-related brands include CrestronINTELITYSuitePad, and Crave.

Voice-activated controls

Upgrade a smart speaker (think Amazon Alexa) to handle hotel-specific requests with a system like Volara. It makes it possible for guests to use voice commands to request services like housekeeping or room service.

Smart mirrors

People have been installing these high-tech amenities in their homes for years. Now, they expect them in hotel rooms, especially higher-end ones.

It adds a TV screen to a bathroom mirror. While putting on makeup or brushing their teeth, guests can watch television or request hotel services.

Concierge video chat

After scanning a QR code, systems such as Crave allow hotel guests to talk, text, or video chat with hotel staff in real time. It eliminates the need to walk to the front desk or make a call to get answers to questions or get reservations. It allows staff to handle requests quickly and effectively.

Smart televisions

Many hotel guests prefer to view their favorite Netflix or Max show rather than being forced to watch basic cable. A Smart TV with an integrated internet connection or an add-on like Apple TV or Roku makes it possible. It allows guests to select their favorite streaming service from various apps. Samsung and LG are leaders when it comes to smart televisions appropriate for hospitality businesses.

Get the Help You Need to Procure Smart and Smart-Compatible Hotel Devices and Furnishings

Not every hospitality procurement company is able to guide hotel design teams to the Smart items they want and need. The Stroud Group is different. We have a long history of staying current with industry trends, including the current smart revolution. Learn more about The Stroud Group and contact a friendly and knowledgeable representative to discuss your FF&E procurement needs.