Beyond being collections of rooms, hotels are experiences that should delight guests, leaving them content, wanting to visit again, and willing to make recommendations to friends.

Behind every hotel that accomplishes these things is a team of experienced professionals who dream up and create the experience, including owners, designers, manufacturers, architects, general contractors, and FF&E and OS&E procurement companies. While each plays a critical role, a procurement firm helps identify suitable materials and vendors, securing the perfect items to deliver the experience you imagine (or more) on time and at the best possible price.

Here are the four biggest mistakes hotel companies make when they choose procurement companies, which usually results in selecting the wrong one.

Mistake 1: Not Being On the Same Page

Excellent communication is central to an effective hotel buying experience.

With today’s rapid room turnover rate, fitting in renovations around guest scheduling is a huge challenge in the hospitality industry. Another headache for hoteliers: Big projects with many complex components. Furniture delivery, acceptance, assembly, and placement must be treated on an equal footing with construction work. And the only way the entire procurement process can roll out perfectly is to ensure everyone is on the same page and stays that way through constant, effective communication.

The right FF&E and OS&E procurement company will confirm when designs are expected as samples, production will be finished, approvals take place, and products arrive at the location.

Always ensure a hospitality procurement provider has excellent systems in place to facilitate communications.

Mistake 2: Not Being Copasetic

You have a unique vision for your hospitality property. Make sure your hospitality procurement supplier understands it and can deliver on it. Many firms are one-size-fits-all, only able to provide for big, bland hotel companies. Others may be too edgy or avant-garde to be able to consider a simpler style.

Never be afraid to request portfolios and recommendations. A professional procurement company will have no problem providing both.

Remember, you are purchasing the furnishings that will create your hospitality experience for years to come. Partnering with the right experts will ensure you secure the materials you need.

Mistake 3: Not Working With a Genuine Partner

Do you want to work with a firm that’s an outsider or a genuine extension of your company?

Of course, with something as personal and closely connected to your brand as purchasing hotel furnishings, you want to feel that everyone involved in the process is an extension of your team.

Hospitality space design and development can’t be effective if you feel you are handing over any part of the process to someone not integrally connected to your team. You need to feel a genuine sense of connection between you and the people executing your vision for the space.

That’s why it’s critical to do a vibe check before engaging an FF&E and OS&E procurement firm. Like dating, ask the right questions to determine whether you’re a match.

Mistake 4: Lacking Access to Information

How do you know your hospitality design and development experience will be completed successfully?

The key is access to accurate and timely information.

Always take time to learn about a procurement firm’s information-sharing, and that its systems and software are top-notch and will be effective for the people in your organization. Don’t take a company’s word for it. Test their solutions and see if you’re comfortable with them and that they’ll be effective for your firm. Also, ensure they will integrate quickly and effectively with the systems and software your company uses.

Common Procurement Firm Selection Errors: The Final Word

It’s easy for even the best hospitality management businesses to select the wrong partner. That’s why it’s critical to do your due diligence and identify one that will be a perfect fit for you. The experts at The Stroud Group are always available to discuss your FF&E procurement needs and answer any questions you have about working together.