Stroud Team

We are so happy you want to get to know us better.  We are pleased to introduce you to a few of our key members of Stroud Group.

Kelly Bryant

Vice President of Projects

Kelly has a knack for seeing the big picture and managing each project like it was her own. With experience in construction management and interior design, Kelly is instrumental in the flow of every Stroud Group project.  From budget development to accounting closeout, she pays attention to the details that impact a project’s bottom line and client satisfaction.  And with open communication among owners, vendors, design teams, and installers, Kelly’s goal is to give smooth transitions with every project phase.

Kristina Bonnell

Project Manager

Kristina is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and executing FF&E project procurement functions, including budget management and timely completion of all FF&E projects. She understands the challenges hotel operators face, listens to customer concerns, and works with all parties to achieve the best possible solutions for clients.

Wesley Burman

Project Manager

Wes is an expert at managing hospitality projects for to ensures every detail of the agreement, from time schedules and budgets to requirements are met.  He ensures the accuracy of all project agreements and oversees FF&E hospitality projects for all Stroud Group clients, including Hilton Hotels and Marriott Vacation Clubs.   As detailed-oriented as Wes is, you can be certain that nothing is overlooked.  He is great at establishing proposals, accurate budget management, scheduling and price negotiations.

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